The Mink 2.0 is a trailer camper which has an MTPLM of 750Kg.


One way to check your vehicles towing allowance is to refer to your car's V5 which will normally state the 'braked towing capacity' - on page 2 of the document.  It will be a value in Kg and as long as this exceeds 750Kg then you're good to go.


However, not all V5's show this information, (including V5's of older or classic vehicles), so you may need to look elsewhere, such as in the car's owner's manual. The Technical Section of the vehicle's manual should also provide towing allowances.



• If your car has a towing allowance of 750Kg or more, it can tow a Mink Camper.

• Always conform to the official towing & license advice provided at the .Gov.UK website. Regulations change & other websites, (including ours), may lag behind.

• All drivers with full UK licences can tow a Mink Camper.


For more info on licences please visit the .Gov.UK website & check out the blog.

Towing Equipment:

Once you have checked your vehicle's towing capacity, you will need to arrange for a towbar & electrics.

We don't provide this service as it is specialist work. You will require a standard 50mm diameter tow ball and 13 pin Euro socket electrics. This socket will accept the Mink's 13 pin plug which works the towing lights, charges the caravan's on-board battery while in transit. 


If your tow vehicle has twin electrics you can buy an adaptor to convert the leads. If you have only 7 pin electrics on your car, you can still tow with an adaptor but it will only operate the driving lights & won't power anything else.


Regarding extension mirrors, the Law requires that drivers of the towing vehicles have adequate view to the rear. With the Mink Camper, most vehicles existing side mirrors allow for a good view along the entire side of the caravan and extension mirrors are not therefore required. 


If you have any questions about the above, please contact us!

The Mink 2.0 is a trailer camper that is lightweight and extremely easy to tow. It is roughly the size of a teardrop camper, but provides all of the same features of a larger teardrop caravan. Epitomising minimalism & practicality.