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Mink Gallery

Epitomising minimalism, practicality, precise design and robust build quality, the Mink 2.0 is the world’s leading trailer camper.


Featured on BBC's Top Gear being towed by an electric car, click the button below to watch the episode!


The Mink 2.0 is about the size of a teardrop camper, but offers all of the same features that much larger teardrop caravans provide! 

Check out our gallery & show reel video below to see the Mink in action around the world.

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Tarp from above
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Utility tent adjacent Mink 1
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Utility tent by side tarp
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Utility tent from inside 2
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Utility tent from inside 1
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MINK decal offer 3
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Durable build. Robust nature.

The Mink Camper is incredibly well built, being suited for most outdoor environments - initially designed for the rugged landscape of Iceland, you can be sure that the Mink Camper is a master of almost all terrains.


Hitch up & go! No more long set-ups.

With the Mink Camper, the world is your oyster and you're free to travel with ease across the planet without dreading long set-ups or dismantling every time you pack in for the night! It's perfect for born adventurers.


Don't be limited by a huge caravan.

With the Mink Camper you can get closer to nature than ever before. Being super light and built for rugged terrain, the Mink Camper is perfect for getting to the harder-to-reach places and away from civilisation.


I'll have the room with the view, please.

The Mink Camper sports a panoramic window on the roof, along with boat-like port windows on either side of the bed - so that you can fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. Experience amazing views in absolute comfort.


Easy access means easy living.

The Mink Camper is very versatile in terms of camp set-up, not only is it extremely easy to establish your ground with the Mink Camper - you also have door access on both sides, making entry and exit incredibly efficient.


Not just a window, but a glass roof!

The Mink Camper's panoramic 'window' covers the entire length of the roof. It's perfect for cloud watching during the day, and stargazing during the night - whilst keeping you warm inside with the on-board heating.