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Making the Mink a reality

Back in 2015 two travel enthusiasts & entrepreneurs set about changing the way campers connect with nature. Their vision was to combine the intimacy of a tent camping experience with the luxury of high end options - in one clean design.

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The Mink
is born!

New year, new Mink.

Two years on in 2017, after countless intense hours developing, testing, researching and prototyping, through many of Iceland’s long dark winter months and the first Mink arrives.

A media frenzy ensues, recognising that the unique styling coupled with durable, all terrain build has created the worlds most desired trailer camper.

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Mink Story 6.jpeg
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The early years

Taking campers a step further

More fine tuning, without any compromise of those original Mink fundamentals, took place in 2019.

With experiences learnt from so many nights camping in Iceland’s untamed wilderness, the design could be further honed in to what we see today - and the Mink graduated to its current 2.0 status.

Coming of age

Modernising the industry

Now fully developed, the Mink serves a growing international community of camping enthusiasts and explorers.

Being enjoyed equally, whether in an urban environment, on a fully serviced campsite in the wilderness of the Icelandic West Fjords, or far beyond in to far reaching corners of Earth.

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Mink UK

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